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insta_ctf haste | public | 26 players | 2020-08-04T21:07:07.728Z

3lee-wales-uk28231.22228% Italy
3Chief_Nick15230.65112% Australia
2Lokillo53252.12137% United States
2Crash35271.3218% Germany
1*<]:)GoT)vis*RS41162.56149% Serbia
1Alexsius21320.66124% United Kingdom
0JustMe36211.71124% Australia
0Gladiator32330.97022% Germany
0Le_Dougre19171.12043% France
0schnitzel6110.55021% Germany
0Hamburg52551055% Germany
0GlavniJebac029010% Slovenia

0ALEXLES636241.5024% United Kingdom
0unnamed35331.06126% Australia
0Starve33380.87039% Czech Republic
0Gambit28171.65135% Australia
0Briareos14160.88025% Mexico
0trucutrucu14250.56118% Germany
0Maisels_Weisse14270.52316% Germany
0Thecube10200.5015% Switzerland
0Iee-wales-uk9150.6124% Russian Federation
0Rotekoppen6110.5518% Norway
0(&)Gemelli111025% Italy
0............1150.0707% Russian Federation
Mexica Mexico
Barbina7 Slovenia
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