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insta_ctf dust2 | public | 24 players | 2020-08-04T20:05:00.387Z

3wlkn23201.15130% Australia
3On16280.57116% Russian Federation
1Barbina747241.96334% Slovenia
1AR|Sh1n0b122161.38133% Australia
1Ua13300.43214% Germany
0El38|Spectrum61252.44046% Russian Federation
0moritaaaa17230.74232% Chile
0Starve17270.63238% Czech Republic
0TheRealSmilzo2190.11016% Italy
0Otto01000% Germany
0Carolina-Reaper-13-0.3300% Germany

2Chief_Nick18181221% Australia
1AftermathGirl18260.69125% Chile
1Sauerkraut1091.11033% Australia
0FixittixiF34321.06037% Germany
0Lokillo28300.93130% United States
0M27290.93229% Mexico
0ikagura24270.89030% France
0Gladiator23330.7126% Germany
0B@@l_in_time16240.67024% Germany
0Ooooh_Yeah380.3806% Australia
0w00p|Benkei00000% United States
*<]:)GoT)vis*RS Serbia
ouch Germany
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