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insta_ctf forgotten | public | 21 players | 2020-08-04T19:44:02.452Z

3wlkn22181.22036% Australia
2Maqx[Flips]28300.93034% Germany
1Barbina749202.45035% Slovenia
1Lenzoid13210.62222% Germany
1tas&cerWIN13300.43120% Russian Federation
1PaTo11280.39026% Italy
1VoiceOfTruth10101027% Russian Federation
0fractal35221.59046% Italy
0Zack23290.79118% Germany
0Havoc230.67123% Australia
0TheRealSmilzo-138-0.03014% Italy

2............13300.43017% Russian Federation
1*<]:)GoT)vis*RS92214.38065% Serbia
1SandyCheeksAnus17260.65021% United States
1On8220.36014% Russian Federation
1Frootloops_7170.41015% Mexico
1NeverGonaGiveU^6100.6022% Australia
0ouch40281.43238% Germany
0ikagura8120.67127% France
0Gladiator02000% Germany
M Mexico
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