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insta_ctf abbey | public | 19 players | 2020-08-03T23:02:38.806Z

4Steno2.020191.05039% Italy
30_023181.28035% United States
2movingWall35201.75040% United States
2eat_my_bubbles13170.76111% Australia
2Stinke_Omma130.33010% Germany
1GlavniJebac1200.0521% Slovenia
0erlgarcia11101.1023% United States
0|DM|trackpad723.5061% Australia
0justapingthing00000% Australia

0lee-wales-uk27251.08147% Italy
0#HMH9110.82047% Bulgaria
0dawoof9210.43013% Australia
0zag8210.38014% Russian Federation
0[GLX]Bøddel690.67123% Mexico
0RedTurtleX690.67037% Australia
0Snape3110.27017% Russian Federation
0qual230.67028% Germany
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