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insta_ctf wdcd | public | 25 players | 2020-08-03T20:59:28.941Z

2opus26300.87016% France
1|DM|trackpad90253.6054% Australia
1demilune26360.72127% France
1Le_Dougre25290.86131% France
1Fusselfrei19390.49025% Germany
0cp6|tuta56242.33032% Serbia
0WF[CATALONIA]48321.5039% Russian Federation
0murdog34241.42025% Australia
0phoenixwright29360.81028% Germany
0Unmanned1682028% Russian Federation
0(&)Torchio6320.1929% Sweden
0(&)Ptitim5320.16110% Bulgaria

0Scuba73322.28042% Australia
0bb_202063272.33241% Germany
0Lokillo40371.08029% United States
0wlkn35390.9030% Australia
0Zack33301.1021% Germany
0Gladiator26430.6027% Germany
0(&)Gemelli17370.46015% Italy
0the420chef7180.39022% Australia
0vety6180.33037% Slovakia
0GlavniJebac2400.0500% Slovenia
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