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insta_ctf haste | public | 16 players | 2020-08-03T19:38:20.066Z

3Unmanned22151.47025% Russian Federation
3acolarh1081.25026% Denmark
2Gamberetti|tee34152.27235% Italy
1El38|Spectrum22181.22029% Russian Federation
1FurryStorm871.14136% Australia
1#HMH380.38020% Bulgaria

1B@@l_in_time9120.75022% Germany
1trucutrucu4190.21012% Germany
0FixittixiF24280.86234% Germany
0Pwny4240.17217% Germany
0SPODERBASS//69250.4018% Greece
0movingWall130.33020% United States
0Zerox01000% Russian Federation
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