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insta_ctf haste | public | 28 players | 2020-08-02T21:56:14.389Z

2hmm...43271.59330% Australia
2Barbina732251.28126% Slovenia
2Starve30330.91039% Czech Republic
2apf14160.88032% Australia
1Headway77282.75149% Russian Federation
1Toranaga21270.78028% Switzerland
1BRA-asdf18280.64026% Russian Federation
0Poppic28191.47121% Germany
0murdog22270.81022% Australia
0wall-e15151045% Germany
0[MH]Doom32761.17144% Australia
0TingTong00000% Slovenia

0yourFEAR53341.56143% Germany
0*<]:)GoT)vis*RS2592.78155% Serbia
0Gladiator25360.69034% Germany
0Googlebot19360.53027% Australia
0cocksmith15220.68018% Australia
0(&)Gemelli14270.52118% Italy
0quadtree14380.37123% Australia
0=DK=AIkfIy11220.5034% Russian Federation
0wlkn1061.67037% Australia
0(&)Cencioni6330.18011% United States
0Briareos4130.31014% Mexico
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