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insta_ctf hidden | public | 29 players | 2020-08-02T18:09:39.914Z

2HenTyH19161.19123% Russian Federation
1BluntedVato_6220.27015% Germany
0ouch54232.35352% Germany
0thelonious34152.27045% Sweden
0demilune21270.78032% France
0Googlebot16131.23020% Australia
0lsv15101.5142% Ukraine
0Toranaga15160.94023% Switzerland
0Ukr13260.5025% Germany
0TrianG741.75128% Latvia
0Penfold680.75025% Germany
0(&)Gemelli250.408% Italy

1Gladiator17220.77017% Germany
1makh12170.71013% Uganda
1Starve12240.5030% Czech Republic
0BRA-asdf37162.31053% Russian Federation
0Perussola22230.96022% Italy
0CMB16240.67018% France
0On10220.45011% Russian Federation
0axelsche871.14026% Germany
0(&)Vermicelli5270.19210% United States
0opus3110.27017% France
0skjo01000% Australia
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