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insta_ctf akroseum | public | 27 players | 2020-08-01T18:26:36.756Z

4RozNak9240.38016% Ukraine
2lsv21201.05129% Ukraine
2grandpa17171133% France
2[RUSS]Messer10170.5903% Russian Federation
1Abdolban33191.74025% Russian Federation
0|DM|trackpad50510054% Australia
0tas&cerWIN17200.85119% Russian Federation
0DavidWebb16161120% Japan
0covid-1914111.27035% Germany
0Bodycount1243021% Germany
0dumper10180.56124% China
0Frootloops_370.43013% Mexico

2EvenSerieus10160.63019% United States
0JustMe26211.24034% Australia
001001022250.88018% Germany
0(&)Pici20171.18025% Germany
0BUZZ19200.95055% Italy
0TingTong15190.79013% Slovenia
0demilune14280.5222% France
0B@dMonkey723.5053% France
0conebone6110.55019% Germany
0cadet4150.27012% Russian Federation
0wall-e212033% Germany
0Vulpes00000% Russian Federation
Ken0bi France
(&)Ravioli Unknown
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