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insta_ctf forge | public | 21 players | 2020-07-28T21:00:04.035Z

3|DM|trackpad47162.94143% Australia
3EvenSerieus12250.48016% United States
3Fusselfrei8200.4115% Germany
2Gladiator14220.64123% Germany
1acolarh17200.85023% Denmark
00_023221.05028% United States
0Frootloops_15250.6025% Mexico
0JustMe13220.59022% Australia
0FredTheRed05000% Italy

1movingWall29191.53029% United States
1...Autsch!19191029% Germany
0razvan47172.76035% Romania
0TrianG34231.48130% Latvia
0Briareos22201.1129% Mexico
0FurzKanone17190.89114% Germany
0XzAs9160.56017% Germany
0Chief_Nick6270.2218% Australia
0(&)Gomito00000% Angola
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