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insta_ctf dust2 | public | 24 players | 2020-07-24T03:32:56.328Z

2Sabrina39221.77130% United States
2<øG>Minipussy33281.18327% Mexico
2^Cat1^25350.71227% Australia
1^Square1^30301215% Australia
1smallHorror23260.88133% Australia
1[tBMC]bensocket21260.81018% Australia
1Frootloops_18410.44121% Mexico
1(&)Barbina3100.3111% Russian Federation
0konqi23360.64026% United States
0Meat_crayon11320.34114% Australia
0a_theory6180.33115% Australia

1JustMe22270.81025% Australia
1gbyte11260.42121% Russian Federation
0[GLX]Bøddel68232.96046% Mexico
0d33251.32329% Mexico
0Elemento31241.29029% Mexico
0(&)Pennoni25171.47024% Australia
0eat_my_bubbles25280.89022% Australia
0RedTurtleX24300.8226% Australia
0{camper}dkfl-5121191.11127% Russian Federation
0Tirzan12300.4024% United States
=DK=Avior Germany
beef Australia
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