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insta_ctf mercury | public | 15 players | 2020-07-24T02:50:55.704Z

3Millycat52232.26231% United States
1dp2637182.06133% Germany
1[tBMC]bensocket10190.53116% Australia
1[tBMC]Phobo8120.67014% Australia
0smallHorror39172.29140% Australia
0Yem8220.36013% Mexico
0MatroxParhelia6160.3811% Australia

0Sabrina40281.43028% United States
0|____|30171.76034% Australia
0konqi16290.55018% United States
0Zerox13190.68013% Russian Federation
0Cat680.75015% Australia
0Meat_crayon5220.2317% Australia
0GkdonkyKong111050% New Zealand
Mexica Mexico
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