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insta_ctf shipwreck | public | 25 players | 2020-07-22T20:30:23.146Z

1(&)Pizzoccheri23201.15228% Lebanon
1bin_schon_tot11260.42014% Germany
0SHIELD46251.84030% Hungary
0lsv39231.7043% Ukraine
0*<]:)GoT)vis*RS37142.64052% Serbia
0FurryStorm36281.29337% Australia
00_017200.85122% United States
0EvenSerieus13240.54021% United States
0JohnTheSniper120.5020% Russian Federation
0#HMH02000% Bulgaria

1peugeot20616200.8018% Croatia
0pawpatrol61222.77153% Romania
0a_theory27290.93026% Australia
0|LaTn|Edux21330.64019% Japan
0UkrainaForever13250.52020% Ukraine
0ikagura1271.71028% France
0Snape10200.5026% Russian Federation
0Punisher6260.23013% Russian Federation
0Jazzman570.71027% Sweden
0schnitzel4240.17011% Germany
0FredTheRed3120.25016% Italy
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