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insta_ctf forgotten | public | 21 players | 2020-07-16T21:32:39.788Z

3apf9210.43018% Australia
2Dragoon27181.5452% United States
1rAw74223.36065% Russian Federation
1opus34261.31040% France
0(&)Gemelli16170.94018% Italy
0Rufo780.88020% Russian Federation
0FT_JOÃO7110.64117% Russian Federation
0Trixter4110.36017% Australia
0CAPUT-410-0.440% Germany

2peugeot20621240.88115% Croatia
2AfterOrgasm13250.52115% Germany
1Zack32221.45031% Germany
0Zowie2893.11035% Germany
0(&)Fideos19280.68029% France
0ELKuKuY13260.5114% Japan
0Starve6220.27022% Czech Republic
0(&)Fettuce560.83022% Germany
0fragginfucker03000% Germany
Lokillo United States
Spyro Germany
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