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insta_ctf gubo | public | 14 players | 2020-04-03T01:29:06.605Z

3russia29251.16024% Russian Federation
2Ladycat734271.26334% Slovenia
2[BOOF]BOOPHRONA28281131% United States
2Phantomas15250.6030% Russian Federation
1a_theory16230.7028% United States
0Pimmelduft15300.5022% Germany
0arith4300.1329% Germany

2RedTurtleX26270.96031% United States
2evil.lord.vader5220.23012% Poland
1+Bazzled-20330.61015% United States
0movingWall50252235% Canada
0Millycat46232130% Canada
0On31201.55137% Russian Federation
0cottu01000% Portugal
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