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insta_ctf forge | public | 14 players | 2020-03-22T02:58:12.962Z

2Kvako_SK32171.88025% Slovakia
1Briareos35301.17028% Mexico
1lemeure12240.5028% United States
0Scuba80165042% United States
0OzigaZed15180.83021% United States
0sass_chan12230.5216% United States
0Nabila130.33116% Germany

2MaxedOut34172024% United States
0*RedTurtleX24320.75022% United States
0BIGgOTHYtITgF20290.69027% United States
0Skynet17270.63018% Germany
0schnitzel14220.64020% Germany
0|LaTn|Edux12360.33010% Peru
0ELRAZE137250.2816% United States
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