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insta_ctf campo | public | 12 players | 2020-03-22T02:37:54.672Z

2Kvako_SK28181.56126% Slovakia
2ELRAZE139250.36217% United States
1|LaTn|Edux11111118% Peru
0OzigaZed14250.56031% United States
0lemeure13250.52130% United States
0Nabila380.38133% Germany

2AnAntsEpidemic!19220.86125% United States
1BIGgOTHYtITgF35271.3441% United States
0*RedTurtleX21230.91222% United States
0MaxedOut1527.5028% United States
0unnamed14190.74023% United States
0sass_chan-12-0.510% United States
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