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insta_ctf eternal_valley | public | 22 players | 2020-04-07T21:59:22.118Z

2(GoT)vis*RS*hpp68213.24054% Serbia
2Bossanova7280.25016% Italy
1Neutron26241.08026% France
1Dr.V3g4n16200.8017% Germany
1Behemoth15290.52130% France
1a_theory13260.5021% Australia
1your_mother370.43025% Germany
0murdog24161.5036% Australia
0AlexandreMagne450.8050% Germany
0DrunkMessiah00000% Australia

3[tBMC]tnyELVIS!17210.81020% Australia
2IndyRef221211122% Italy
0vento53212.52347% Romania
0fractal37182.06044% Italy
0(&)Tagliatelle25260.96031% France
010101013250.52116% Germany
0FurzKanone12250.4809% Germany
0LeviathanWolf1081.25027% Australia
0smd4130.31016% Norway
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