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insta_ctf gubo | auth | public | 05:37 left | 23/24 players

3Briareos5150.33111% Mexico212
2makh7160.44112% Uganda217
1Momo24131.85039% Germany28
1UkrainaForever2170.1229% Ukraine43
1Maqx[Flips]120.5012% Germany28
0=DK=hamon33113144% Germany22
0AR|Sh1n0b11481.75123% Australia157
0[fr]Green>F-O-X5130.3815% France107
0gersomm431.33036% France25
0Keule360.5128% Germany49

3Kemelled12130.92017% Jamaica255
1JustMe12160.75226% Australia134
1Perussola11190.58021% Italy73
0xFox16111.45138% Italy32
0ouch16170.94032% Germany32
0Tad┼╝ykistan12140.86122% Russian Federation53
0MerguezPartie12160.75113% France27
0Mac-rond6140.43219% France36
0Phantomas221066% Mexico212
0EDY00000% India293

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