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insta_ctf fc5 | auth | public | 07:02 left | 14/24 players

1winstoofy1281.5033% United States of America178
1LadyCat710110040% Slovenia33
1BRA-asdf560.83130% Brazil238
0xGreeNx340.75017% Egypt92
0Megadieu250.4014% France512
0\SoM/maniac01000% United States of America108

0<pWn>trackpad933075% United States of America162
0TRAFFIKISFREE680.75133% 32
0qiniese590.56016% Russian Federation68
0Winston3110.27017% Russian Federation63
0PettinelliSCOUT010110% Chile272
123 Kazakhstan112
|-ReX-|xaxhanna 38
010010 25

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