!mpressive Sauer Tracker
ServerModeMapTypeResultsClientsEnd time
M I D G A R Dinsta_ctfcapture_nightpublic42018-08-11T06:01:54.359Z
M I D G A R Dinsta_ctfcampopublic32018-08-11T05:51:42.370Z
M I D G A R Dinsta_ctfl_ctfpublic22018-08-11T05:41:33.416Z
M I D G A R Dinsta_ctfauthenticpublic22018-08-11T05:31:55.403Z
M I D G A R Dinsta_ctfredemptionpublic12018-08-09T12:39:58.658Z
M I D G A R Dinsta_ctfforgepublic32018-08-08T15:40:59.205Z
Copy the following line, paste it in the game, and press Enter to connect to the server: