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insta_ctf urban_c | auth | public | 01:17 left | 25/24 players

2[GER]Sandro18200.9127% 23
1KПCC28221.27024% Russian Federation82
1OleOcelot14101.4022% 79
1slash9200.45013% France83
041pcs29221.32143% 72
0TrianG27122.25032% Latvia45
0Time20230.87128% United States of America161
0Schorle19200.95030% 27
0MANJOT11160.69019% United States of America195
0Ao1|Pointblank313037% United States of America129
0Mac-rond05000% France67

0Aeggi43241.79242% 21
0ICC|cubelibre27171.59032% 53
0FractalMan22201.1026% United States of America142
0MichaeLMyers21131.62029% United States of America115
0Sadistic17220.77021% United States of America203
0apf11250.44021% United States of America119
0ICC|TurboFennec951.8052% 79
0conebone8130.62021% 30
0MoreKittens570.71015% United States of America137
0B@@l_azzurro130.33012% 44

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