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Rugby Land | France

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insta_ctf akroseum | veto | public | 05:39 left | 22/40 players

3Ulla1462.33026% Germany47
1ueber422026% Austria41
0|DM|Sweeper4485.5061% Germany51
0coolnick1452.8020% Italy58
0eu12111.09026% Romania64
0E...1052031% Romania60
0MerkelsTITS670.86046% Croatia56
0FAG_LORD580.6309% United Kingdom33
0Luther1517260.33010% Romania120
0hight012000% France146

1xS'Josh224140.29021% United Kingdom36
0QWERTY|SPAIN9120.75028% Spain49
0echtjetzt9140.64031% Germany43
0#Ranger2.0851.6025% United States of America125
0yourmomspussy871.14025% Australia326
0relaxx313050% United Kingdom62
0ILAN2100.217% Germany71
0Homogensis2130.1518% Germany90
0unna140.25111% Azerbaijan136
|SM|Springbok South Africa191
CMB France35
Zoch Switzerland46

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