!mpressive Sauer Tracker
Most of the Tracker's functionality is available in the API. All API functions are available under the /api route, have cross-origin enabled, accept GET parameters, and return JSON. In addition, any API call can return status 404 (not found), status 500 (internal server error), or 400 (bad request), which may be accompanied by an "error" object in the response describing the error.


Returns a list of all servers online.


Returns a single server along with the game info.


Returns two lists, one with the average number of player at different time today, and one with the number of games per day in the last 15 days. Times with 0 players and days with 0 games are skipped.


Returns a list of games that match a given query, sorted descendingly by id (timestamp). Also returns the total number of matches, the maximum, and the minimum game ID.
The Following parameters are supported: host, port, serverdesc, map, gamemode, gametype, fromdate, todate, players, exact (match exact player names), specs (search for spectators as well), beforeid, afterid (used for pagination), limit. Any fields left empty will be ignored.

gamemode can be one of 'ffa', 'coop_edit', 'teamplay', 'instagib', 'insta_team', 'efficiency', 'effic_team', 'tactics', 'tac_team', 'capture', 'regen_capture', 'ctf', 'insta_ctf', 'protect', 'insta_protect', 'hold', 'insta_hold', 'effic_ctf', 'effic_protect', 'effic_hold', 'collect', 'insta_collect', 'effic_collect'.
gametype can be one of 'duel', 'public', 'mix', 'clanwar', 'other', 'intern'.
fromdate and todate should be formatted as yyyy-mm-dd.
limit is 20 by default, and is maxed at 1000.


Shorthand for calling '/games/find' multiple times, once for each space-separated name in the query parameter 'players'. Accepts the same arguments as '/games/find'. Returns an array of objects, each of which has the same properties as the one returned from '/games/find', in the same order as the input.


Returns a single saved game.


Returns a list of up to 200 players matching a given name and country, sorted descendingly by frags. Parameters left empty will be ignored. Set country to __ (2 underscores) for Unknown.


Returns an object containing two arrays, 'evil' and 'good', each of which contains the names of the players provided in the 'names' parameter, split into semi balanced teams. Players are split into these teams based on their frags/deaths and flagruns/games in ***mix games*** played in the last 3 months. This API function may return different results for the same set of players.


Returns info of the player with the given name.


Returns a list of number of games played by player with the given name in the last 15 days. Days with 0 games are skipped.


Returns a list of all clans, sorted by rank.


Returns the clan with the given clantag, along with 10 latest clanwars and 10 last seen members.