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insta_ctf reissen | auth | public | 01:48 left | 19/24 players

3├śwl24211.14029% United States of America182
2Mr.Dick26191.37032% Mexico182
2[tBMC]tnyELVIS!10250.4027% United States of America126
0ThouShaIl`KiIl24112.18134% United States of America102
0Exit21181.17027% Greece95
0[FD]Sylar1281.5121% United States of America113
0123n6260.23022% Chile294
0Dolla$ign551050% United States of America131

0(&)Fiorentine27231.17038% New Zealand293
0Untamed15200.75032% United Kingdom38
07YearBitch14270.52019% Serbia63
0OleOcelot1381.63041% Germany41
0[RUSS]ZveR981.13032% Russian Federation82
0va|Gina9170.53023% United States of America93
0MasterMooey590.56020% United States of America93
0LuckyLibrtarian-126-0.0408% United States of America149
[tBMC]bo United States of America108
AntsAFK United States of America122
(&)Scialatelli Japan267

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