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insta_ctf nitro | auth | public | 01:28 left | 21/24 players

1Atheist14150.93028% Germany34
1Serthur9150.6124% Italy93
1rars661033% Germany69
0[RUSS]julia34211.62132% Russian Federation81
0*<]:)GoT)vis*RS2773.86054% Serbia38
0Dragan17210.81139% Germany25
0(&)Gemelli4100.418% Italy50

1Radek1091.11047% United States121
0Momo33162.06035% Germany27
0PocketRocket24270.89036% Sweden37
0Penfold17270.63025% Germany53
0Maqx[Flips]16220.73128% Germany21
0FURGAL12210.57030% Russian Federation71
0Maisels_Weisse8250.32011% Germany38
0SPODERBASS//69170.14118% Greece1277
0skullboss05000% India352

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