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insta_ctf damnation | public | 23 players | 2017-12-24T17:38:32.126Z

3|Firefox!|28112.55041% France
2conebone13170.76025% Germany
2apf6180.33019% United States of America
1ICC|Gufo23141.64037% Italy
1cp6|Дpaжa13170.76024% Serbia
0(&)Trofie15111.36031% Japan
0Chainsaw-Boy12101.2237% United States of America
0LCe4611220.5017% France
0XONOTIK/[]10180.56025% Russian Federation
0sppp380.38020% Finland
0Allen00000% Turkey

1yourmum5160.31111% Greece
0FoieGras28151.87033% France
0GoldSnoutZ100K20161.25037% Germany
0(&)Sagnarelli17171225% France
0(&)Pizzoccheri9200.45218% Lebanon
0Thats.TB890.89033% Germany
0evil.lord.vader6230.26112% Poland
0smekkels370.43118% Germany
0(&)Marille2170.12115% Costa Rica
0(&)Gnocchi2180.11313% Ukraine
0nappycrosshairs00000% United States of America
Koндpк Serbia
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