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insta_ctf reissen | public | 21 players | 2016-01-25T07:57:31.000Z

5.6220.2717% Brazil
1dream62272.3051% United States of America
1*moof*31191.63037% Germany
0Sherlock29221.32038% Switzerland
0Saltarella28330.85030% United States of America
0GSF|x7x|Rotkohl18320.56025% Germany
0mikey17121.42130% United Kingdom
0you8260.31026% United States of America
0Jjdeath0100111% El Salvador

2|LaTn|Edux9190.47022% Peru
1epimeteo22191.16019% Italy
0sauer_noob40241.67133% Poland
0.|.34251.36323% Peru
0Fan|Ph03n1X19300.63027% New Zealand
0SmokeIt19310.61120% Germany
0Mongoose5230.22024% Australia
0KarlOveKnausgar4400.1116% Germany
0=(0..0)=340.75042% Russian Federation
0sdbc-132-0.03318% United States of America
TheGentlemanAFK Germany
agstn Uruguay
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