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insta_ctf core_refuge | public | 13 players | 2016-01-24T10:38:35.000Z

3|LaTn|Edux8170.47010% Peru
1agstn10180.56117% Uruguay
0.rC|neon68164.25055% Germany
0[FD]Venera49192.58042% United States of America
0yuujikoz5130.3803% Chile
0Orgio240.507% Australia

0Kit39172.29036% New Zealand
0TheGentleman16240.67023% Germany
0Saltarella13330.39015% United States of America
0DarrenX11290.38013% United States of America
0Fan|Ph03n1X541.25038% New Zealand
0doors190.1105% Canada
0DukeNukem-419-0.2102% United States of America
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