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insta_ctf face-capture | public | 24 players | 2016-01-23T14:29:15.000Z

1ji14390.36021% Finland
0|RB|degrave112264.31152% Russian Federation
0ufo34251.36135% Italy
0tuta24201.2223% Serbia
0ray723340.68224% Venezuela
0____Unix____14390.36020% Armenia
0Femium13230.57126% Greece
0(ESP)[C2]PK140.25016% India
0Fan|Ph03n1X00000% New Zealand

0olDrtyvaQstard51411.24038% Netherlands
0*_Thankol_*41301.37240% France
0SHIELD21121.75034% Hungary
0arquebus21410.51019% United States of America
0LittleBluePills1125.5034% Germany
0GRANDEFAVA7300.23018% Italy
0JustMe350.6018% United States of America
0Emil92160.17115% Romania
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