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insta_ctf infamy | public | 21 players | 2015-12-11T22:23:48.000Z

3lordztein26201.3037% Spain
2Scary35241.46030% Russian Federation
1John-11732162029% Russian Federation
1RedFox1591.67046% Germany
0unnamed21191.11223% Brazil
0jupsi_cactus10150.67017% Finland
0thegohst1170.0615% France
0KawaiiKitteh01000% United States
0REALWINSTON07000% United States

1USA34201.7039% United States
1blblblblblblblb1081.25023% France
0IMPY24171.41129% Germany
0Smollet16260.62018% Russian Federation
0zacken10230.43122% Spain
0BSterling414030% Spain
0max_pl260.33018% Poland
0TheKnightofNi140.25050% Netherlands
0(ESP)cнaйпep.57150.2012% Mauritius
0SavageBeast500000% United States
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